Saturday, June 21, 2008

Is Heroin Addiction an Obsession?

Lately I've been thinking about addiction nonstop...It's become somewhat of an addiction to think so much about addiction. Why do some people become addicted to heroin and some don't? Why do some people become addicted to cigarettes and some don't? In a nutshell, there are many theories but no one really knows what causes it.

I've noticed in dealing with my own daughter's heroin addiction... [she's been taking seboxone and is still doing very well by the way] I think that addiction whether its an addiction to drugs, eating, or even to blogging...they're all dependencies, obsessions, habits, or cravings. The addict uses the addiction to self-medicate for a deficiency in the brain. Is this true? Could this be genetics? Using seboxone does reduce the cravings...counseling helps tremendously...however, I still notice the obsessions, habits, and dependencies if you will, are still intact. Once a person is clean...should they be redirected towards a new obession a new addiction? An obession that is harmless but yet still satisfies the brains need? What would that be? Will it be enough to prevent the brain from taking her right back to heroin, and to addiction?


Fractalmom said...

good ideas. i have often wondered that myself.

pat said...

I think that is where cognitive therapy can help. Nothing changes unless the thinking patterns change.

Anonymous said...

You have to show her that there are other ways of living life without being fucked up on a daily bacis. She might be using it as a comfort drug due to depression. If that's the case you need to sit her down and talk to her about what's going on in her life. Some type of theorpy I sis needed show her how to be high on life. Instead of distorting reality with a drug. In my opinion people die drugs to get away from there everyday life. You have to show these people that there is more to life then what you can see.