Sunday, August 3, 2008

Boyfriend's Back and He's Takin' a Beating

Well, he came back. She has been completely wild since the breakup...however, still not using heroin...but she managed to consume some mushrooms, aderal, valium and smoke alot of weed...[She tells me these things after the fact]...It drives me completely crazy that I don't know that she's high...she seems fine to me...I'm always looking at her eyes. I did notice her eyes being very dialated one night and asked her what she was taking. Of course, she said it was the light and said look at your eyes they're dialated too...and they were! They have an answer for everything.

Anyway, back to the boyfriend, he was cheating on her with a friend of hers...and she's not happy about that. Now, all she wants to do now is hurt him by calling her lesbian girlfriend. Yes, she was hanging out with a lesbian...who is very infatuated with my daughter and wants her to be her girlfriend. Since, getting back with her boyfriend she's decided she's not gay. I don't really care what she is...I just don't want her doing any drugs.

She had a drug test a couple of weeks ago and it came back clean...her psychiatrist just wanted to make sure her liver was functioning okay...The suboxone can sometimes cause elevated liver enzymes...and he also wants to make sure she's not using heroin. She sees her psychiatrist one a month and she never knows when he's going to ask her to take a blood test. He will give her a hair follicle test soon and everything she's done for the last 6 months will show up...she knows this...I guess she doesn't care.


Athena said...

Oh Boy... I'm sorry to hear all of this - glad she's not doing heroin, but... wow.

How are you holding up? Based on recent events in my life, I must ask - is she on birth control??

Hugs - Stay strong

Fractalmom said...

Why is it okay for her to be using other drugs, but not heroin?

In a junkies mind, permission for one drug is permission for any drug, and any behavior.


I would say she needs to be in a residential TIGHT rehab if there is any chance for her.

otherwise, you are simply prolonging the inevitable. She will relapse. If she is still using ANY drug, the counseling isn't doing it's job. And, if the counseling isn't doing the job, she will use heroin.

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Its definitely not okay for her to be using any type of drug...when she tells me what she's doing I'm somewhat relieved it's not heroin ---like she would tell me she was using heroin anyway. She did talk with her counselor about using the drugs...and her counselor was very straightforward about what was going to happen to her if she didn't start to turn her life around. Her next appointment she must bring some type of proof of what she's done to get herself up and out of that downward spiral she's in...We'll see what happens from here...Lately she's been having suicidal's probably the prozac...Honestly, I think her psychiatrist will be place her in a mental institution before a rehab facility. Which is one is better? Oh, and thankfully she is on birth control...