Saturday, August 23, 2008

Heroin: Creating Zombies in 2008

I hate heroin. I hate what is does to innocent people. For a heroin addict everyday is the same. They get up and go find heroin. They wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it. They can't sleep. They worry. They walk around thinking about it. They think up ways to get it. They manipulate people to get it. They steal and lie to get it. Heroin addicts are like zombies. They only want one thing and that's heroin. They don't really care about anything else. It's a horrible existence. Sure, I know what some of you are thinking.."So, they did it knowing that they would become addicted to it"...Teenagers have a mindset, a "its not going to happen to me" attitude.

What can we do? How can we protect them from this devastating health epidemic? Education? They know about heroin...they know about the effects of heroin...All it takes is one kid to say "hey let's try it"...then before you know it...there's twenty kids doing it. Those twenty kids are selling it to hundreds more...It's just so hard to stop using's difficult to know if they're using it...and even more difficult to find treatment solutions that treat the addiction as well as the addict. Any ideas out there? Any solutions?


Addicted Rantings said...

Now I see where you went, you had me worried.

One sure way of bringing home the message of heroin addiction is to have teenagers spend a day with me, on the front lines. It sobering to say the least. AR

My Daughter's Addiction said...'re very kind.

I think that's an incredible idea!
I've never thought about it, but you're would definitely bring it home. I wish there were opportunities like that...

Fractalmom said...

If I could turn back time.....or if any of us could.

There are so many different reasons that kids start using. None of them are valid, but to the kids, they are reasons.

For fun, cause their friends do....cause their boyfriend said
it's okay, it's cool....

I don't know what it is particularly that sends them down the heroin highway.

And yes, you are correct. A junkie's entire life revolves around the next hit. My daughter used to tell me that she would start stressing where the next stamp would come from while she was shooting up the current one.

I think probably a 'scared straight' program might work, but then again, as you said, the teenage mentality is that 'it will never happen to me'.

Mostly, like you, we are all just sad and angry that it happened at all.

With this future generation I am now raising, we probably talk about the full effect of heroin on a daily basis. How it rules your life. How it becomes more important than children, than food, than anything else.

You would think that even knowing all this would stop a child from using, however, if you do, then visit Dying4something2live4's blog at

both her parents were junkies, and even knowing that, she still started using.

sKILLz said...

You know what "AR" thats a fucking great idea. Let her spend a day with me or even a few and I will show her where shes fucking headed.
The people that are in my program and the people I know that still get high everyday would and should be enough to scare her ass to not even want to get high anymore.
I used to say that junkies were "the walking dead" because after getting high there just like a fucking zombie and all there thinking and worrying about is more drugs.
Honestly when I 1st started with heroin I didnt know that you can get phyically addicted to it. I started out doing it on the weekends then during the week and next thing I knew I was waking up sick and didnt know why.
Back then there wasnt as much press about heroin as there is now so I think when kids or teens or whoever gets into it they know exactly what there getting into and like you said just have that mentality that "its not going to happen to me".
Then when it does because it always does they jus dont know who to deal or they like the feeling it gives and just keep on going.
Either way good luck girl!

Anonymous said...

I started crying when I read your post.Im the mum of a 16yo daughter who was introiduced to heroin about 3 months ago by a "friend". In that time she has moved out of home and living who knows where, but apparently it is better than home. I have pleaded with her to come back home and even literally put her over my shoulder, threw her in the car and taken her home. The police wont help me because she is 16 and "legally" able to move out of home. I dont know what the hell went wrong but since she hit her teenage years she went downhill starting to self harm etc. I took her to counsellor after counsellor but still no change. I wont hear from her for over a week and I dont know if she's dead, left the area or what. I feel like I am dying inside for my baby girl.I can talk to my family and partner but they dont understand it is like greiving for someone who has died but still living. I dont know what to do

lilygirl said...

Yeah , I didn't know that you could get physically addicted to it either...Call me stupid or naive, or whatever,...But I honestly had nooo idea what I was getting myself into...Even with the methadone...They tell you you'll be off it in 3 months...Really? Cause it's been about 4 years now...

good luck said...

my brother has been addicted to herion 4years now he lost his job and went to jail for the first time i left him there for 20 days it takes herion 3-5 days to get out of your body then it is mental he went to a program daily then stopped i came home and some of my sons stuff was missing i know alot of his friends that do it and detox after detox i do not believe in the methadone clinic take a number get in line what are you at the deli its a hard drug to stop and you can not make them stop and the more u do they think its okay so he was thrown out and went back to mommy after 4 years of not speaking its sick i feel for u not ur daughter u think u did something and you fight so hard to help that person and u cant she should not be doing any drugs she is using other stuff to make up for the herion my brother would take pills they give phycos to fill the void i wish u the best and hope she wakes up and see how muh she is hurting you and her family god bless

mike said...

the only way i was able to get off it was to go to a really small town on the other side of the country where i knew there was no way i would ever find any. and when i tried to go back home after 4 months, it took me 2 days to relapse, so i moved to that little town, its been 8 months now and i still think about it several times a day, including the moment i wake up
the scared straight thing might work, but it might not, sometimes nothing really registers in your emotions when your high, i lost my job, my house, my fiance, and my car, and didnt even fiance OD'd(she was ok) but i went out in the parking lot of the hospital and got high, when you have it, your in heaven and when you dont your in hell, its makes all your problems go away in about 2 seconds flat....and again 4 hours later...and again 2 hours later...and again 45 min later...and again 10 min later.
that drug is chemical manifestation of satan himself. you can hear about someone you know dying from it, and it will just make you want to do more.
Suboxone will help w/ withdrawels, and cravings, but you have to be in a situation where suboxone is the ONLY option. because if there is even a remote possibility of getting dope, then a junky will do everything they can to get it, no matter how sick they are.

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Mike. You were very smart to move away....
YAY for you! 8 months.

I agree, heroin is's a horrible puts a grip on you that I can't really understand. I know from my daughter's explanation it's like losing a friend...a really good friend. It's like your grieving. You think about your friend alot...sometimes you even think you're friend is there...or you wake up thinking about your friend. It must be similar to grieving the death of a loved one.

The only thing I do know is that the grieving process takes time...
Stay Strong....

mike said...

thats true, i cant tell you how many times ive had a dream where i was about to get high, only to wake up and be pissed that it was only a dream. i think i had one last week.
it really is like a relationship, you dont just love heroin, your in love with it, life is so much better when its around, you look forward to going to bed with it and waking up with it, and any time you go out you want it with you, you love it so much you dont care what anyone else thinks,
and just like any bad relationship, once you get far enough away from it you can start to see that it really isnt that great, it just consumes you and all your time and energy and leaves you empty and sick in return. and spends all your money, i dont even want to think about how much money i stuck in my arm,

i too wish you the best in your battle, i hope for both your sakes that your daughter will get past it, good luck, and god bless

Anonymous said...

My 21yo daughter, who also has a 4 yr old son is addicted to heroin. I am by myself(no partner) i have some family, but they don't understand either. She's been in rehab 7 times, she jus relapsed again. Just like you, i don't know what to do. Noone understands! Really! I feel so alone. Like someone has died, but is still alive. I can only pray. I pray for all of us, i pray for an answer.

Anonymous said...

I feel for all of you. My 21yo is hooked on it, and she has a 4yo son. Until this happened to me, i had no time for anyone affected by it, i was just like everyone else, really ignorant. I really hate even talking about it, because there's nothing i or anyone can do. It's her/their choice, why do we do all the suffering? May God help us all. May he help us find that solution!