Saturday, January 5, 2008

Suboxone World

I found this great link has a world of information from finding a physician to how suboxone actually works as well as how to taper off the drug. There's been alot of message boards filled with folks worrying about the withdrawal process of suboxone. There is a forum with comments from suboxone users who have actually been through the entire process and are truly free from taking the suboxone....I was worried about the fact that I was helping my daughter substitute one drug for another drug..[heroin for suboxone]...In my opinion its safer for her in the long run to be addicted to suboxone than use heroin. But now after reading the posts from all the prior users of suboxone I feel certain that she will be able to taper off the suboxone without any problems. The naabt forum on how to taper off suboxone: After briefly reading this forum I feel as though I've done the right thing by seeking subxone help for my daughter. Time will tell.

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