Monday, March 31, 2008

If You Want to be Addicted to Heroin, You Will

I guess if you want to be addicted to heroin, you will. If you don't you won't...She's had several opportunities to go back. Of course with the help of her boyfriend she's staying on her suboxone and on course to a life without heroin. I tried to let her handle her friends but when she couldn't tell them to stop calling or texting...I called one of them.

I've known these boys since they were young children. They have suboxone prescriptions too. Of course they sell it or trade it for heroin. They are off and on again-not really making any headway. I called one of them and simply told him until he was clean that he was not to contact her. She was doing really well and she didn't need him to pull her down again. His parents are trying to help him...Its the people he's hanging out with. I told him I loved him, get back on the suboxone and that if he needed someone to talk to.... to call me. I also told him to stay away from people who use or sell...his so-called friends. So many kids are dying from overdoses in our area...its very scarey. I told him I didn't want to see him dead. I thought he was going to cry on the phone. What can we do to help these kids?

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pat said...

If you find out the answer please let me know. My son is a recovering heroin addict on methadone.