Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tempted by Heroin

She's being tempted by two old friends to use. Thankfully, she has a boyfriend who is intercepting and putting a stop to it. It's actually horrible but her so-called friends who are still using are now starting to try to bring her back into the folds of heroin use. They have stopped using their suboxone and started using heroin again. I've tried to explain to her that they just want it to be the same as it was...everybody hanging out getting high. They are not her friends. She can't believe that they would try to hurt her. Its very hard for her to believe that they are actually not her friends. So far, she's still okay. Her boyfriend and I are making sure she's taking her suboxone. If she didn't have a boyfriend I don't know what would of happened. He is desparately trying to keep them away from her. They don't call our house because they were told not to call. Now they call her phone or text message her. Her father as well as her boyfriend's father have both confonted them. They told them to stay away from her. The strange thing is they just keep trying to get to her. They text message her and say "Hey, yo wanna get high?" It's ruthless. They won't stop. I really don't know what they're thinking. It's getting pretty bad. I think she's strong. I think she's weak. She wobbling.


SubMom said...

I want to offer my opinions and advice......but I don't want to overstep my bounds here. What are the bounds for cyber comments anyway? LOL!

If you want my advice, because I have plenty, let me know! I'm here and more importantly...I've been "there", where she is.

For now, all I have is my admiration for both you and her. And my prayers and support of course!


erinsav said...

I think what your daughter needs to do is to be blunt with these people and just say..."I'm not getting high anymore, end of story".

If she does that and they are still asking her, maybe she will realize that they do not have her best interests in mind. That's one way for her to see for herself.

People are messed up huh?

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Thanks to you both. Its so nice to know that you're there. Any and all comments are very much appreciated here.