Sunday, April 27, 2008

Where are the Drug Addiction TV Commercials

I saw a TV commercial yesterday that really bothered me. One of those nonprofits...that run ads targeting our teens about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. It featured a young man talking about someone he loved dying from smoking cigarettes. He went on the say that cigarette smoking was just as hard to quit as heroin. What? Yes, according to the CDC nicotine is just as addicitve as heroin...

There is a difference though...I smoke cigarettes. If I stopped smoking cigarettes I wouldn't lay in the bed for days, aching all over, puking, sweating, shaking and crying, watching blood come out of my ass. Wanting it so bad that I'd do anything for for a smoke...I would steal, cheat and lie for a cigarette.

Where are the TV commercials that talk about the dangers of becoming a heroin addict...Is it easier to talk about cigarette smoking than heroin addiction? Yes, I guess it is...but I'm going to talk about it because our children are becoming addicted to heroin before they even get a chance to smoke a cigarette.


kel said...

How about a commercial showing an actual addict in real time withdrawal? I agree, something needs to be done. My sons DOC was not heroin, but he was fast on his way to it with an OD earlier this year.

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Kel-I'm sorry to hear about your sons OD. I hope everythings okay. I've found a horrible utube video showing a young man having to have his arm amputated because he shot up over and over into an infected vein. I'll post it if I can find it.