Tuesday, May 27, 2008

She Doesn't Want To Take An Anti-Anxiety Meds

Today we saw her psychiatrist. Her counselor had suggested that we look into a long acting anti-anxiety medication to deal with her anger/anxiety. I asked her psychiatrist about it today. He was ready to write her a prescription when she said, "I don't think I need to take any anti-anxiety medicine." What? Her entire teen life she told me she suffered from anxiety and depression and that's why she gets so angry...I think she likes being angry and miserable. Her psychiatrist told us to look into three different medicines (wellbutrin, prozac and cymbalta). She later told me she doesn't want to be a Stepford Wife...happy all the time...and that was just sickening to think she would act like a zombie...etc. What? [I'm clueless again]...Of course I think [because I don't trust her] she's got some type of motive for not wanting to take the medicine. Any thoughts?


Fractalmom said...

only one suggestion dear. And this is a long comment. Sorry.

she is still using. Every single sign points to that. The not wanting to take any 'prescribed' medication'. the abuse of the suboxone. the getting along great with the psychiatrist. (msnipulation).

I am really hoping that you have health insurance available.

If you do, since she is only 17, you can do what most of us couldn't do.

And, this will be really hard. But do it anyway.

Put her in a long term, INPATIENT rehab. Don't tell her you are doing it until the ride there. OR, she will run away and then you have lost her.

Find a good one. One that has DAILY counseling. One that is at least three months long. One that will NOT let her go.

Of course, this is just my opinion. You do what you feel is best for your daughter.

But, I remember. The way mine would make me feel guilty. She even said, when the counselor offered her prozac...."i don't need to be medicated, all you are trying to do is turn me into a robot. (she had never seen the stepford wives...)

She resisted anything at all that had to do with treating the underlying issues. She didn't mind the suboxone or the methadone, but I found out later that was because you can still USE when you are using those. Oh, the doctors will tell you they can't, but the junkies will tell you they DO.

And the bad thing is that you can't even piss test them. Because the methadone and I am not sure about the suboxone, will make the test positive because they also are opiates, supposedly without the high.

Although, if they don't have the high, then why are they sold on the street to get high with???

This is very sad. If it were my daughter, knowing now what I wish desperately I knew then, I would slap her 17 year old ass in the most intensive rehab I could find, until she was 21 if necessary. It may have saved her.

Dawn. with you in my prayers.

mother of drug addict said...

I think that you have the right frame of mind and maybe you can try "either do what the psychiatrist says or Im done trying too" If she isnt ready to help herself no-on (even the best mom) can maker her do it.

I will be praying for you.

Anonymous said...

You will lose her (odds are highly indicative of this) because at her age crash intervention rarely works. Some studies (even logitudinal) even suggest that they can cause escalation of withdrawal from familial support structure, even if the family support is not ideal, which it never is, this could cause a break where families lose touch for decades if not forever.

There are many studies to read these results from on the NIH website links.

Please remember that the hormonal changes coupled with the erratic basic native brain chemical fluctuations make this age group one of the most difficult to form and follow through on with treatment plans.

David Young PHD

Rachel said...

Maybe she is just uninformed about anti-depressants?

tui said...

The intervention is a bad idea. However, you must be feeling pretty helpless, there's not much you can do but limit the money she has access to, and wait. She will stop using when she's ready, and she'll need your help then. ,

Good luck to both of you-

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Thank you all for your comments...sharing your life experiences as well as your medical expertise is most welcome. and very much appreciated...

Anonymous said...

I tried forcing my daughter into rehab at 17 and in WA state you can't. They have no lock down facilites. They have to want & choose to there. Our children have more rights than we do unfortunately & we as parents just get to foot the bill & be held accountable for their actions. The system needs to be redesigned so our drug addicted children wont fall through the cracks. Its heartbreaking