Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Her Boyfriend Cut Himself in Anger

I'll make this very long drawn out drama based teenage boyfriend/girlfriend story short. My daughter is still clean and has been since February 2008...She like most teenagers base their existence on drama...some more than others.

She still has the same anxiety, depression and low self-esteem she had before using heroin..she also has some of the habits associated with drug use too... like telling lies and a need to see her user friends.

Her boyfriend called her and asked her where she was...she responded, "I'm at home." He said, "No you're not because I'm at your house"...Then she said she was taking a girlfriend home and would be home shortly. He was not happy and he thought something was up...so he hunted her down at an old-user boyfriends house. She was walking out of the house and he picked her up and on the way home he was so angry he cut himself with a knife on the chest several times. Not enough to bleed but enough for me to notice. I took her to the drug store and bought a drug test and made her take it...it was clean...She said she just wanted to talk to him because he was the only one of her friends who was clean and who knew exactly how she felt...and what she was going through.

Her boyfriend has stopped talking to her. He refuses to take her calls but he will text message her. I'm not sure if he's actually going through some deep depression or if he's actually called it quits. Of course, she's totally devastated...It's been a week and he told her that he would call her on June 27th...That's in two days.

The fact he cut himself really concerns me... When she told her counselor and psychiatrist about the cutting they too were concerned. Her psychiatrist prescribed prozac instead of wellbutrin. I'm hoping this will help.

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Fractalmom said...

oh sheesh!! i hope he and she remain okay, individually or together..