Saturday, June 28, 2008

Personality Disorder?

Wow, what a week. Her boyfriend wouldn't physically talk to her for over a week. He would text her but wouldn't answer her calls. He continued to tell her it was over yet in the same sentence tell her he still loved her, but just couldn't talk to her. Of course, she was devasted.

During this week, we've had some great conversations on relationships, addiction and her future. It's been sad but we've covered some important topics. I don't think that these converations would have occurred if she hadn't started taking prozac. She is very different.

Today, he wants to see her...WHAT? She's so happy...and I'm well, kinda weirded out. I started looking around for information about cutting and I found personality disorders, depression, etc. Honestly, I was shocked when he cut himself the first he's cut himself again. Alrighty, now I'm dealing with a daughter who's recovering from heroin addiction and an ex-boyfriend [soon to be boyfriend again] who's carving himself up. Why are these young people so messed up! What's going on?


pat said...

That boyfriend needs help. Cutting can be a borderline personality disorder which makes a person very unstable.

Fractalmom said...

my best friends grandaughter is a cutter. they say it is because they need reassurance that they can still feel pain.