Thursday, January 1, 2009

Heroin: Narco-Terroism

According to the December 23, 2008 Washington Post article. 
Afghan Farmer Helps Convict Taliban Member in U.S. Court by Del Quentin Wilber

An Afghan farmer named Jaweed, first told US federal agents stationed in Afghanistan of a Taliban plot to attack the US air base with rockets. He later worked with them on an opium and heroin deal. He secretly recorded Khan Mohammed, a Taliban member more than 10 times. The farmer, Jaweed purchased 11 kilograms of opium and later 2 kilograms of heroin from Mohammed. He told him that his friend was sending the powder to the US and France, mostly to American cities. Mohammed said, "Good, may God turn all the infidels into dead corpses, whether it is by opium or by shooting, this is our common goal." 

Jaweed said he decided to help the US because he was tired of the violence and he didn't want his country to be destroyed and his foreign friends harassed or bothered. Jaweed's undercover work led to Mohammed's arrest at a police check point and he was flown to the US in October 2006. Mohammed was convicted in May of drug trafficking and engaging in narco-terrorism. He was sentenced to life in prison on December 22, 2008. 

This story justifies what I've thought all along. First, they hate the US and will try to harm us anyway possible even through narco-terroism. So the next time you buy heroin remember who you're funding. 


Fractalmom said...

yah. i tried telling my daughter that once.

like she cared?

Nellie said...

I'm new to the world of blogs and I just started my own site about heroin addiction. I am a recovering addict and I like your site because I think it is important for users and the people who care about them to try to communicate as much as possible; this is the best chance for survival of both parties concerned. Maybe you could gain some insight into your daughter's addiction by reading blogs by addicts who are not as emotionally connected to you. There are some things in life that are truly difficult to understand unless you have lived through it yourself, birth, death, war, addiction....but they all happen and we can only try to make another see where we come from. I wish you all the luck in the world for your daughter's recovery.

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Hi Nellie-Thank you for your comments. You're right it is very difficult to understand heroin addiction. In the beginning I really didn't have a clue about heroin addiction. I've been told many times by my daughter that I will never understand it...and she's right I will never understand it because I've never experienced it.

But, I went out and started reading everyone's blogs and message boards. I found that by reading others experiences about addiction it has really helped me to help her.

Good luck with your new blog and your recovery.
Stay Safe.