Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!
I still have my Christmas Tree up...I'm leaving it up until Saturday. Is that wrong? My grandmother always said it was a sin to leave your tree up. What? No, really she said, "If you don't take your tree down before New Years Day the devil will knock it down." I think it was just an excuse to take it down because as a child I never wanted to take the tree down. I love the lights. I love looking at the lights. I put on as many lights as possible. It's very twinkly.

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Fractalmom said...

I don't think there really is any basis on when. I always take it down when it starts to irritate me LOL. Some years, that was the day after Christmas, this year, it still isn't bothering me a whole lot.

Maybe it is in direct relation to whether or not all the presents got put away or are still under the tree in disarray?